Why do you only have to pay 10 percent of bail?

If you work with a bail bond agent to post bail, you’ll be required to pay around 10% of the total bail amount. This is due to California state mandates, and rates can only be negotiated in very specific terms.

Let’s take a look at what 10 percent of bail actually means and what other bail bond options are available.

What is 10 percent of bail?

When court assigns you a total bail amount, you can either post bail yourself or work with a bail bond agent. Since bail can be pretty high, most people can’t afford to post bail on their own. Because of this, many people seek out bail bond agents.

Bail bond agents usually require a 10% bail bond fee and collateral. Here’s a breakdown of this from the California Department of Insurance:

“Bail schedules vary greatly by offense and by county. In Sacramento County, the bail for a domestic violence charge is $5,000, the bail for second degree burglary is $10,000, the bail for battery with serious bodily injury is $50,000, and the bail for carjacking is $100,000. On average, a person is paying a bail agent 10% or less of the bail amount as premium, but they also sign over collateral, which can be a house, car, jewelry, etc.”

California Department of Insurance

This 10% fee is set by the California Department of Insurance. If a bail bond agent attempts to give you a lower percentage, you’ll need to confirm the legitimacy of the offer.

How do you calculate the 10 percent of bail fee?

If you want to figure out how much your bail bond fee will be, simply figure out what 10% of the total bail amount is. To do this, multiple the bail amount by 0.10.

For example, a bail of $25,000 would mean a bail bond fee of $2,500. A bail of $100,000 would mean a bail bond fee of $10,000.

Are there other bail payment options?

If you can’t afford the 10% bail bond fee, the bail bond company can sometimes provide you with other options. 

For example, some agents allow you to pay your bail bond fee with a credit card. As another example, some agents will offer you a payment plan. In this case, they’ll require a minimum down payment with monthly payments.

Have more questions about the bail bond process?

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