What happens to bond money when charges are dropped?

If you’re wondering, “What happens to bond money when charges are dropped?”, you’re not alone. The bail bond process can be confusing, especially if you’ve never been around someone who’s been arrested before. 

But don’t worry. Once charges have been dropped, you’re in the clear. Here’s what you need to know.

Do you get your bail money back?

If charges have been dropped, you can start to relax. Not only will your loved one go free, but you’ll get your bail money back, too. The court will refund it in whole.

However, if you worked with a bail bond agent to post bail, the bail bond fee is non-refundable. This will not be returned to you. This is a bail bond agent’s fee for posting the full bail amount to court.

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Do you get your bail money back if charges aren’t dropped?

If charges aren’t dropped and your loved one is found guilty of charges, you’ll still get your bail money back.

Bail is not a way for the court system to make money. It’s simply a way to make sure defendants return back to court. Because of this, bail money is refunded in whole once the bail bond process is complete.

What happens if you don’t receive bail money back?

If a defendant is found guilty of charges, there may be court fees and fines associated with their charge. When this happens, it’s a possibility that this amount will be taken directly out of your bail fee. 

Contact the court if you’re worried this might be the case. They can walk you through the fees and fines and explain when (or if) you’ll be receiving any refund.

How is bail money returned?

If charges are dropped or the court process has concluded, the court system will refund bail by mailing a check. This could take over a month, so you’ll need to be patient.

This being said, if you’re concerned with your refund, contact the court system. They should have all the information you need to figure out what’s going on with your bail money.

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