Vote No on Prop 25

Prop 25 eliminates choice

Prop 25 is designed to eliminate the bail system in California. Defendants will no longer have the choice to post bail as they await trial. Instead, a risk assessment will be completed, and the results will determine whether or not the defendant will be allowed to await trial outside of jail. Prop 25 completely eliminates the defendant’s right to choose bail and replaces that right with a computer-generated formula. 

Prop 25 is biased

The goal of Prop 25’s formulaic risk assessment is to profile individuals and lump them into categories. This is a biased alternative to the bail system that will disproportionately target people of color and the poor.

 “Prop 25 will be even more discriminatory against African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities…using these profiling methods to decide who gets released from jail…has been proven to hurt communities of color.” 

-Alice Huffman, President, California State Conference of the NAACP

Prop 25 is bad for YOU

Prop 25 is all-around bad news for the state of California. With a zero-bail system, what you really have is zero incentive for defendants to go back to court (as we saw when defendants were released with zero-bail during the COVID-19 pandemic). With no financial accountability, you will likely see the following: 

  1. Defendants released on zero bond will skip future court dates.
  2. Defendants released on zero bond will commit more crimes.

But you won’t just have to worry about the potential for more criminals to be on the streets. You’ll also have to worry about the loss of revenue. With no bail agents in California, we’ll suffer a $21 million loss in state tax revenue, as well as a $900 million increase in costs (replacing bail agents with county probation staff and new procedures won’t be cheap).

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