Is it better to pay bail or bond?

Many people trying to get a loved one out of jail wonder, “Is it better to pay bail or bond?” And to answer this question, it depends on your individual circumstances.

Let’s break down the question, “Is it better to pay bail or bond?”

Is bail on the cheap end?

Bail is never exactly “cheap” — but sometimes, it is cheaper than it usually is. In this case, we’re talking about misdemeanors or first time offenses, and you’ll be looking at a bail between $1,000 and $5,000. 

If you can afford to pay this amount, then you should pay bail — as opposed to contacting a bail bond agency. Since bail is refunded in whole and a bond is not, you can pay the $5,000 to the court and get the full $5,000 back once the court process is finished. 

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Can you be out the full bail amount for up to a year?

Even if you can afford to pay the full bail amount, can you be without this money for up to a year (or even longer)? If not, then you should consider paying for a bond instead. Even though you will not be refunded the 10% fee, at least you will not be out a large sum of money for a long time period.

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Can you not afford bail?

If you can’t afford to pay the full bail amount, then this is obviously the best reason to pay for a bond instead. You will only be required to pay for 10% of the total bail amount and the bail bond agent will take care of the rest.

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