How to hire a bail bondsman

If you’re wondering how to hire a bail bondsman, then you’ve come to the right place. A bail bondsman is the ideal solution if you need to bail a loved one out of jail, but do not have the funds required to do so. A bail bondsman will charge a non-refundable fee and post bail on your behalf.

Let’s break down how to hire a bail bondsman and what to expect along the process.

Find a bail bondsman

If you need to hire a bail bondsman, then you need to find one first. We always recommend doing a quick search on Google. More specifically, check out the reviews on various business profiles within Google. From these, you can get a really good idea of their absolute best and worst experiences and decide whether or not you want to work with them.

It’s also important to find a bail bondsman who is local. This usually means the bail bond agency has a good relationship with the community and knows the local court system inside and out. Ultimately, this means that the process will be much smoother and faster.

Call the bail bondsman

Once you have a good idea of who you want to work with, give them a quick call. In many cases, they’ll come to you. If not, they’ll set up an in-office appointment and let you know what documents to come prepared with. Keep in mind, most bail bond agencies are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you are trying to figure things out at 2, 3, or 4 in the morning — give them a call anyways. You’ll want to get this process started as soon as possible. 

Meet with the bail bondsman

After setting up an appointment with a bail bond company, gather all the appropriate documentation and be prepared to pay around 10% of the total bail amount. You’ll also want to have collateral prepared (jewelry, vehicles, savings accounts, homes, etc).

Once you meet with the agent, you’ll sign paperwork, pay the bail bond fee, and be given an  overview of how the whole process works. Be prepared to ask questions and take notes. 

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Let the bail bondsman do his thing

After the documentation is taken care of, the bail bondsman will handle the entire process and work to get your loved one out of jail quickly. Make sure to pay careful attention to future court days. If the defendant skips court, you’ll be on the hook for the entire bail amount.

Additional bail bond resources

At Cowboy Bail Bonds, we have decades of experience helping residents all across Kern County post bail fast, and we’ve developed resources to help our community understand bail bonds better.

Take a look at our additional bail bond resources and reach out to us with any questions: