How do you get your name off someone’s bail bond?

If you’ve helped someone post bail, it is possible to get your name off the bail bond. However, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of — including potential fees and the future of the defendant. 

Let’s take a look at how you can remove your name from someone’s bail bond and what this means for you and the defendant.

What to know about removing yourself from a bail bond

First things first, not all bail bond agreements allow for you to remove yourself from a bail bond. This being said, you will need to contact your bail bond agent to see if removing yourself from the bail bond is even an option. In future situations, this should be a question you ask during the initial bail bond process.

If you are able to remove yourself from the bail bond, then you should know that — in nearly every situation — you will not get the bail bond fee returned. The purpose of revoking your name from a bail bond should not be to get your fee money back. Instead, it should be because you feel like your trust in the defendant is not as strong as it once was. 

For example, if you feel as if the defendant will skip their upcoming court date, then this is a very good reason to contact the bail bond agent and to get yourself removed from the bail bond.

If the bail bond agent agrees, then they will inform the court of the bail bond status and the defendant will be required to return to jail. At this point, the defendant will be required to remain in jail until or if they can post bail by other means. The bail bond agent may also charge a fee for the removal process. This fee should be disclosed up front in your contract or during the bail bond application process.

Have more questions about bail bonds?

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