How to get out of jail in California quickly

If you’re wondering how to get out of jail in California (and not in Monopoly), then you’ve come to the right place. Getting out of jail can be a stressful and confusing process, so it’s important to find local experts to help you out. More specifically, you’ll want to find a local bail bond company (and maybe even a lawyer if the charge necessitates it).

How can a bail bond agent help you get out of jail?

When you’re arrested for a crime, odds are you’ll be assigned a bail amount by the court. Bail could be assigned immediately or it could be assigned after seeing a judge (which could take up to 24 hours).  

If you can post bail, then you’ll be free to go home. If you cannot, you’ll have to remain in jail until your next court date. Bail is used as an incentive to get the defendant to return to court, which means that your bail amount will be returned if you don’t skip your court date.

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However, bail can sometimes be out of reach for the average person, which is why bail bond companies exist. A bail bond company can work with you or a close friend or family member, guide you through the bail process, and get you out of jail quickly. Usually, a bail bond company will take over the whole process on behalf of the defendant and their family, which can speed things up and create less confusion.

Keep in mind, working with a bail bond company is not free. You will be required to pay a non-refundable percentage of your bail to the bail bond company. And in some cases, you’ll also be required to put up some form of collateral.

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In some situations, people could be granted an OR release (own recognizance release). This usually only happens if the crime committed is minor, and the person has a relatively clean criminal history. With an OR release, you won’t be required to post bail or remain in jail until your court date — you simply sign some paperwork, and you’re allowed to return home. 

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