Can a bail bond company garnish my wages?

If you owe money to a bail bond company, you might be wondering whether or not they can garnish wages. While the answer to this question can vary depending on what state you live in, a bail bond company is treated like any other creditor in California. In other words, a bail bond company can’t automatically garnish wages from your paycheck. 

However, after the proper process is completed, unpaid debts to a bail bond agency can be garnished from your paycheck. To do this, a bail bond agency will need to start by suing you and taking you to court (this could include the co-signer, as well). If the bail bond company is successful at proving the unpaid debt exists and that they have a right to recover it, then they will likely be given the option by the court to garnish your wages.

Luckily, there are limits to how much money can be garnished from your check monthly. The amount garnished will be determined by a percentage of your weekly disposable earnings. 

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