Five things you should know before hiring a bail bondsman

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1. There’s no such thing as a 5% bail bond

For many people, the most important factor when it comes to choosing a bondsman is price.

You may see ads for local bail bondsmen who promise to be the “cheapest in town” or “5% bail.” This is just underhanded marketing on the part of the agency.

As in most states, California stipulates how much a bond will cost. The cost of a bail bond (or surety bond) in California is 10% of the bail amount in most cases. For instance if the amount of bail is set at $50,000 the total cost of the bond is $5,000. Cowboy Bail Bonds fee is set by the State of California. If you encounter an agency that says they will “negotiate” the cost with you, be wary. Any agent saying they have the lowest cost in town is simply trying to get your business, because the bondsman has little choice what to charge.

2. You may not need collateral

While the total cost of a bail bond is not negotiable, there are some agencies who will work with you to help make paying easier. Many will accept bail bond payments made with credit cards, and others will offer to make a payment plan. There should never be any additional costs or fees if the agency offers a payment plan.

Often we are able to supply bonds on simply a signature instead of requiring collateral. This will vary from person to person. Call us immediately and we will let you know in minutes whether you will qualify for a signature bond versus a bond that requires collateral. At Cowboy Bail Bonds will do our best to allow you to use a signature bond if it is possible.

3. Make sure your bail bondsman is licensed and in good standing

California laws require that all bail bond companies are licensed through the California Department of Insurance. You may verify our license status online at

4. Not everyone qualifies for bail

If a defendant is not bailed out of custody whether because they have been denied bail or because someone has not posted bail on their behalf they would remain in jail until the court authorized their release. Depending on the charges this may vary from a few days to several months.

5.Never hire a bail agent who is soliciting business directly from the jail

State laws stipulate how bail agents can gather new business. They are not allowed to offer bail services from the jail but there are some that ignore this law. They stand a chance of losing their license and could face jail time and felony charges.

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Steve is a great guy! While I haven’t personally ever needed a bail bonds man, as his IT guy I’ve watched him talk to families and folks who need his help in a tough time with the law, and he’s professional, kind hearted, and attentive to their needs. Definitely recommend.

Chuck Brown