Free bail bond calculator & bail bond calculation formula

Need a bail bond calculator to figure out how much you have to pay a bail bondsman? We’ve got you covered. 

We’ve laid out a few different resources you can use as a bail bond calculator and provided you with a quick breakdown of how you can calculate bail on your own. 

How to calculate bond

When you seek a bond from a bail bondsman, you’re normally required to pay around 10% of the total bail amount. While this percentage may vary from state to state, 10% is usually a pretty good starting point. This amount is considered a bail bond fee, and it’s technically how a bail bond company gets paid for the service of posting bail for defendants.

This being said, based on a 10% fee, the bail bond calculation formula would be:

Total bail amount x 10% = bond fee

For example, the bail bond fee for a $20,000 bail would be:

$20,000 x .10 = $2,000

As another example, the bail bond fee for a $30,000 bail would be:

$30,000 x .10 = $3,000

Where to find a bail bond calculator

There are plenty of sites that offer free bail bond calculators — but remember, bail bond fees may vary depending on where you live. 

Check out these free bail bond calculators:

Are there additional bail bond fees?

If there are any additional bail bond fees (for example, if you needed to take your name off a bond), your bail bond agent should inform you of these fees before any documents have been signed. Again, these fees may vary from agent to agent and state to state.

This being said, there should never be a surprise fee. A trusted agent should disclose all possible fees and add-ons — but either way, make sure you do research and you carefully analyze any documents you sign.

Need more information on bail bonds?

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