Are bail bond agents cops?

One question we get asked pretty frequently is: Are bail bond agents cops? Now, the answer to this question is pretty simple.

No, bail bond agents are not cops.

Bail bond agents cannot arrest you, and if you have been arrested, a bail bond agent is someone who can become your immediate new best friend.

However, if you post bail with the help of a bail bond agent and you skip your court date, then that bail bond agent will no longer be your best friend. At this point, they may contact a bounty hunter, and that bounty hunter can arrest you and take you to proper authorities. But even at this point, a bail bond agent themself cannot arrest you.

If your next question is: “Are bounty hunters cops?”, the answer to this question is also no.

Bounty hunters can detain someone and deliver that person to court (if they have the proper documentation and authority to do so), but they are not considered police officers. You can read more about what a bounty hunter is and is not allowed to do in our recent article: Can a bail bond company arrest you?

Even though there is a possibility that a bail bond agent can indirectly take you back to jail, this only happens if you fail to uphold your end of the bail bond agreement. If you show up to court when you’re required to show up, then the bail bond process should run smoothly with zero hiccups.

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Are bail bond companies open on the weekend?

Yes. Most bail bond companies are open 24/7/365. Bail bond companies understand that people are arrested outside of normal working hours, which is why you can get help from a bail bondsman in the middle of the night and even on the weekends. So, if you do call the jail and they say your friend or family member has not posted bond yet, rest assured you can get in contact with a bail bond company no matter what time or day it is.

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What information will a bail bondsman need?

If the bond still needs to be posted, then you’ll need to get in contact with a bail bond company and start gathering any necessary items that may be required to get the bond process started. This can include personal, employer, and reference information. 

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What qualifies as bail bond collateral?

There are many items you can use as collateral for a bond; however, choose these items carefully. There is a potential that these items could be forfeited if the arrestee fails to show up to court. These items can include jewelry, vehicles, real estate, and investments. 

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