3 simple ways to find ‘bail bonds near me’

If your friend or loved one has been arrested, then you’ll likely need to figure out how to find ‘bail bonds near me.’ While being arrested can be a stressful process, finding a reliable bail bond agency does not have to be. In fact, tracking down a bail bond agent can be a quick and painless process. Here are a few simple ways to find a local bail bond company.

Take a drive downtown 

In many cities, bail bond companies like to shack up next to the police station and/or courthouse. Odds are, if you take a drive downtown, you’ll likely come across one or two bail bond companies. If you find yourself looking for a bail bond company during off-hours, don’t be deterred. The majority of bail bond companies are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jot down their phone number, and give them a call (even if it is midnight on a Saturday). They’ll most likely answer.

Google it

If you decide to search for a bail bond agency online, consider limiting your search to only the first page. The top 5-10 results will show you the most popular and most relevant bail bond agencies near you. If you really want to drill down to the most reliable agency, check out the reviews located at the top of your Google search results. If you’re on a mobile device, these will show up right underneath the map at the top of the search results. 

Look for the number of reviews, as well as the quality of reviews. Stick to an agency with a rating of 4 stars or more and make sure the agency has a good amount of reviews (unless you notice that all of the agencies near you don’t have very many Google reviews). If this is the case, then it likely just means that your surrounding community isn’t very active on Google and doesn’t tend to review local businesses. 

Ask your Facebook friends

Unless you’d rather keep your current situation under wraps, Facebook is a great place to seek out recommendations from people you trust. You’d be surprised how many people have experience dealing with bail bonds and the prison system as a whole. Facebook also has a specific style post for people seeking recommendations, which allows for your friends to tag places and businesses within their comments easier than in traditional posts. 

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